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On the other hand, the prepaid model considers utilization to be both revenue and resource consumption, both of which are finite.
What are the options for groups that are accustomed to fee-for-service mechanisms to manage prepaid or capitated revenues?
Transact's e-top-up service for Premiere's prepaid pay TV is as straightforward as recharging prepaid mobile airtime for cell phones: customers buy credit, activate and watch Premiere without entering a contract and with no monthly fees.
The report said that financial institutions should pay close attention to the increasing adoption of merchant retail locations as a place where consumers acquire their open system prepaid cards, since it creates an important new channel.
In markets like Romania, top-up or recharge growth comes from an increase in prepaid users, from the mobile operators' shift from scratch-off cards to electronic distribution and from the addition of new retailers and POS devices.
Visa is committed to developing a prepaid category infrastructure that provides value to consumers while enabling merchant partners and member financial institutions to maximize the potential of prepaid products," said Todd Brockman, senior vice president, prepaid products, Visa USA.
Along with the new media properties, Prepaid Media will publish the Prepaid Buyers Guide, an annual buyer's guide directory available online at PayBefore.
is a leading provider of advanced payment processing technologies to the prepaid and cash payments sectors in the U.
Both working groups will include a best practices and standards component to address the pressing issue of identifying areas in which building consensus would benefit industry stakeholders and network branded prepaid card users.
SIPkit is the right product from the right company, targeting a growing customer base at the right time in the prepaid market," observed Jonathan Turner, Managing Director of Livewire International Ltd.
Kessler, vice president of sales for the general purpose, reloadable & unbanked group for TSYS Prepaid, will speak twice: first joining a panel to discuss the importance of aligning your card program with the right processor; and then talking about opportunities in the stored value marketplace.