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Mrs McNaney said: "Mr Lovell is retiring as headmaster after 13 years of exemplary service to King Henry VIII Preparatory School and Coventry School Foundation, and he will be sorely missed by sta, pupils and parents.
Col Alex |Johnson, former head of Linden Preparatory School, above, and left, some of the former pupils at the reunion PAMELA HOOD
The Assumption Preparatory School remained at the restored Greendale campus until the school closed in 1970, when the buildings were sold to the state.
The site remained a boys' preparatory school until 1997 when the school was closed.
The new owners are represented by the recently formed Board of Belvedere Preparatory School which includes businessmen and education officials and current headteacher Jane Humble, who has been in position since April, 2009, and has built up over 20 years of teaching experience.
The new owners are represented by the recently formed Board Of Belvedere Preparatory School, which includes businessmen and education official and current head teacher Jane Humble.
The kidnapped person is a first-year preparatory school student, the source noted.
She said: "Some of my fondest memories were when I was working in the independent education sector, this is why I was so keen to apply for the role of headteacher at the Preparatory School.
James Brousseau of Paraclete High School will be attending Military Academy Preparatory School.
But she says the board recommends preparatory school as the best basis from which to sit the exams.
Claremont Preparatory School, an independent, nonsectarian elementary school, has announced that its building at 41 Broad St.
Scholastic Coach, at this point (which is the beginning) takes the opportunity to say how-do-you-do and greetings to the 12,000 high school and preparatory school coaches, athletic directors, instructors in physical education and other secondary-school educators who are receiving this introductory number in the mail.