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The study found a significant correlation between the type of university a teacher attended to prepare for certification and his or her students' achievement growth.
One of the things he could have done was suggest work experience as a way to prepare for employment.
Great negotiators, and hence great underwriters, anticipate their opponent's moves, prepare a response to every possible objection and follow a strategy through the entire process.
As more CPAs in public practice prepare prospective financial statements, they may benefit from some of the insight I have gained about performing this valuable service.
In 1996, an AICPA task force developed the MTC, in which it recommended changing tax course content and delivery methods to better prepare students for tax and accounting careers in the "real world.
Prepare each sand mix with the resin to be tested, and then turn the purge time on the lab core blower down to one-third of its original setting.
During one of Montez's visits to the company, Max Muller, the president, asked her to prepare some financial information for his brother-in-law, who is thinking of investing in the business.

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