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Last year we put out a Q&A on rust for our internal people to begin to prepare for rust and worked with ASA on education publications," says Jim Peters, brand manager, fungicides.
Greg Friese and Associates LLC helps clients prepare for, respond to, and recover from extraordinary circumstances, emergencies, and disasters.
One of the things he could have done was suggest work experience as a way to prepare for employment.
All profits from the book will be donated to help local communities prepare for the potential of another terrorist attack.
Instead, she highlighted her aim of full participation in the English-speaking community through interaction with native speakers, watching television, listening to radio and reading in English and viewed this as an effective way to prepare for the examination.
By doing so we prepare for and celebrate these great mysteries--and have enough energy for both.
Even with the best prevention plan in place, communities still must prepare for school violence incidents.
God told Noah to prepare for the big flood by building an ark and loading up all of the animals -- you know the story.
This initiative will offer practical strategies and activities that adults and children can use to prepare for these types of events, and to deal with the stress of these unsettled times.
Ellis Stanley, general manager of the Emergency Preparedness Department in Los Angeles, said city and county officials have been working together to prepare for a bioterrorist attack.
The primary purpose of these documents was not to prepare for litigation; the primary purpose was to decide whether or not to go through with a multi-million dollar transaction.
PBA specifics were announced at a press conference during "Together We Prepare for Businesses," a conference to train Bay Area businesses for the event of a disaster.