prepare the ground

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WASHINGTON: The World Bank is helping Lebanon prepare the ground to request an influx of international aid to offset the high costs of the spillover from the Syrian war, President Jim Yong Kim told the Associated Press.
The meetings discussed means of promoting the regional and economic cooperation through studying the basic principles for transit policies in order to prepare the ground for availing suitable legislations that would simplify international trade procedures and setting up efficient traffic systems to facilitate transit process to open new horizons for further economic and trade cooperation between these countries.
Ismail Haniyeh told reporters Wednesday that such allegations are lies meant to prepare the ground for future Israeli attacks on Gaza.
You probably want to prepare the ground, to highlight the fact this is going to be available.
The money is being used to clear the site of debris and overgrown vegetation, prepare the ground and develop ideas on how it can be turned into an orchard.
Ten 3M volunteers also put their backs into an afternoon's labouring to prepare the ground for the children to get planting.
Foreign secretaries will meet on May 20 to prepare the ground for talks between Mukherjee and Pakistan's new Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.
As well as the usual exhibition spaces, which prepare the ground for visits to the ancient remains, the museum forms a route up and through to the theatre site, reinstating its historic place in the urban realm.
Titan director Rob Murdoch said: "Greenfield Construction's people are among the first to go onto a new site, doing what is necessary to prepare the ground and laying foundations up to damp course level.
The Iraqi government is now doing its best to prepare the ground for a court which will be able to decide.
The concept is to show ALP members are committed to high standards and to prepare the ground for the statutory regime, due to arrive in 2005.
Prepare the ground for grass seeds, by March the ground will be warm enough.