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They carried this expedition so secretly, that the unwary inhabitants did not discover them, until they fired upon the forts; and, not being prepared to oppose them, were obliged to surrender themselves miserable captives to barbarous savages, who immediately after tomahawked one man and two women, and loaded all the others with heavy baggage, forcing them along toward their towns, able or unable to march.
Poor Dick was not prepared for this terrible culmination.
I, for my part, was prepared with passports; Herbert had seen Startop, and he was more than ready to join.
While these interesting birds were cooking, Ned prepared the fruit of the bread-tree.
Then I turned my head, and saw a meal prepared for me on the table.
As fast as they entered, they were placed in the grand saloon, on the platforms prepared for them.
d'Avrigny himself arrived, bringing the night draught prepared for the young girl, and then M.
The same difficulty would not occur in preaching, since for this, we may suppose, he had sufficiently prepared his thoughts and expressions to make his discourse intelligible on all important points; and if he should, in some parts, fail of being, understood, he could repeat or correct himself, till he should succeed better.
They all sprang upon their horses and prepared to retreat to a safe position.
The celebrity of the bread-fruit tree, and the conspicuous place it occupies in a Typee bill of fare, induces me to give at some length a general description of the tree, and the various modes in which the fruit is prepared.
Others landed the timbers intended for the frame of the coasting vessel, and proceeded to put them together, while others prepared a garden spot, and sowed the seeds of various vegetables.
In the next place particularly, that there may be plenty of water, and rivers near at hand: but if those cannot be found, very large cisterns must be prepared to save rain-water, so that there may be no want of it in case they should be driven into the town in time of war.