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Unlike law and medicine, in education there is no standard approach to preparing teachers.
Work experience during college is an important method of preparing for the work force and should always be encouraged.
Regardless of their teaching materials, tax instructors will have to invest significant time in preparing coursework and in teaching classes that correspond to the MTC and the new CPA examination.
Preparing and anticipating an adversary's position give underwriters the edge they need to achieve a positive outcome for the company
Preparing fresh sand mixes and evaluating core strength every 15 min as the sand is allowed to set in an open container can be used as a benchlife comparison of resin systems--both high humidity and temperature conditions will shorten the prepared sand's benchlife.
More than simply maintaining a kosher environment, preparing kosher meals involves following a complex code of what foods are permissible and how they are prepared, said Weinberger.
CPAs will find that preparing prospective financial statements is both an art and a science.
Although the documents addressed issues that might be encountered in litigation, "the fact that information in the documents could also be helpful in preparing for litigation does not mean these documents fall under the work-product privilege.
1 when preparing a working trial balance for a client.