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Therefore, coherently with isomorphic practices of a preponderantly mimetic nature, the organizations tend to converge to an appearance of rationality, or ceremonial assimilation of elements legitimated in the field (Meyer & Rowan, 1992).
determining "when, where, and how much of a gene's product is made" (Carroll 12)--it comes as no surprise that any given organism is preponderantly comprised of modular parts rather than heterogeneous components.
Initially, however, the preponderantly outsider status is reprised in the scene where Orlando and Adam resolve to flee on Adam's savings (2.
0 sees the public and the media as the highest priority, the central battlefield where information is preponderantly open source, public, and intended for external use.
Of the magazines examined, the National Review has had the strongest liberty record on the issues treated, whereas the others have, on the whole, preponderantly failed to be pro-liberty or have even been antiliberty.
I soon realized, however, that Graham's core constituents the millions of preponderantly white, middle-class, moderately conservative Protestants we might call "Heartland Americans"--did not share my puzzlement.
The data retrieved from the inspected body of material confirms the presence of were/weren't/wa'n't (and other spellings) in nonstandard contexts, preponderantly in the literary dialect portrayals, whereas Civil War correspondence seems rather devoid of the traits at issue.
It is possible that the Wife is manipulating the audience (what Plato worried rhetoricians would do, and what Ehling tells public relations practitioners to steer away from) with her communal tale for the express purpose of "winning"--either winning the "Harry Bailey Prize" for storytelling or, more likely, winning husband number six from among the preponderantly male audience of pilgrim listeners.
It has to be mentioned that Volley-ball training is a mix of aerobic and anaerobic training, but that the investigated players mainly focused on preponderantly anaerobic training (force and pliometrics) in their fitness training.
2) Although fluoride can be detected in all organs and tissues, including the thyroid, aorta, and kidneys, fluoride is preponderantly deposited in the skeleton and teeth, and the degree of skeletal storage is related to intake and age.
Yet another stochastically "overmatched," that is, allocated its choices preponderantly to the highest-reward alternative (Baum, 1979).