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We have been dealing with mediocrity for ages now, but the film is a monument to extraordinary preposterousness.
More bizarrely, she proved the preposterousness of absolute self-reliance by setting herself up as psychotherapist to many vulnerable members of her salon, doing untold damage to psyches and relationships.
She laughed delicately and looked up at him as he shook his head in disapproval and disbelief at the preposterousness of it, and then her smile vanished and she was across the hall pulling open the sliding door.
The idea of a winding road to Christ's navel, the concepts of milk from the Virgin's breast and a feather from the Holy Ghost, the stuff of demented scholasticism and outrageous superstition, together with the lack of specificity in the date of the vision itself--'in nineteen fifty-three or four'--all seem to place the religion as equivalent to folk belief only in a shared preposterousness.
The transitional nature of Vethoeven's picture, between Holland and Hollywood, accounts in large part for the odd amalgam of a dark, European historical sensibility and "action flick" preposterousness that characterizes the work.
Flimsy yet undeniably entertaining, it trades as much on the likeability of the impeccably tailored stars as the preposterousness of the plot.
Some good action, lots of preposterousness and a general feeling that this is the weakest, cheapest "Die Hard.
Like its predecessors, Ocean's Thirteen is smart and sexy, trading as much on the likeability of the impeccably tailored stars as the preposterousness of the plot.
Lesbian Studies is often thought to have stubbornly refused the insights of postmodernist theory about sex, gender, and sexuality, insights that the categories through which we live our lives in a heteronormative culture are socially constructed, that it is our chief political task to reject those categories publicly and disruptively, to expose the fictiveness of the categories themselves and the preposterousness of treating the masculine-male/feminine-female pairing as nature's paradigm for all human sexuality.
The preposterousness of this assumption comes as school kids rather than corporate executives are being blamed for the global economic race to the bottom.
Even if we dismiss Diane's masochism and paranoia as pathological, the pervasive cynicism and tawdriness of Hollywood in waking life nevertheless seems to combine many of the same elements of preposterousness and malevolence as the dreamt conspiracy, only in different proportions.