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As theoretically posited by Crick and Dodge (1994) and Rubin and Rose-Krasnor (1992), children's abilities to focus and inhibit prepotent responses, use working memory, and shift attention were associated with more adaptive SIP responses.
Thus, for the men from the Majority Sample and from the Chinese-American community, psychological dimensions were clearly prepotent in these men's views on why they would enter into the "father role.
One key component of executive function is the ability ro inhibit dominant or prepotent responses when necessary (Miyake et al.
com, he "is clearly showing a prepotent shift to stamina for his progeny".
Thus, selecting accountant will be the strongest, most prepotent, response with jazzist being the weakest.
Running is such a prepotent activity that a brief opportunity to run can reinforce operant responses such as lever pressing (26,27).
This produces a prepotent tendency to continue responding ('go' bias) during the yellow light, which the participant must inhibit when making a 'stop' decision.
But we must never forget that every horse is a unique individual, with its own complement of genes, and even in the case of a prepotent sire whose stock are all bay with splashes of white about them, there can be - and frequently are - marked differences in what they are able to accomplish as athletes.
It would appear, first, that not all stimuli are alike or prepotent in the formation of equivalence classes, which is important data in its own right.
What I'm looking for is a prepotent sire; not one who allows mares to dominate.
What we want to detect in a stallion is evidence that he gets stock of superior racing merit on a regular basis - some indication that he is prepotent for attributes that really matter.