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It is common for prerequisite courses to become unavailable during course registration with colleges and universities, creating a challenge for students, especially those who are working adults unable to fit a traditional course schedule into their already busy lifestyle.
The need for discipline-specific prerequisites, specifically in accounting/finance programs, has been formally recognised in the USA by the accounting and finance profession since 1989, when the Accounting Education Change Commission of the American Accounting Association investigated how accounting education could improve the students' capabilities for successful professional careers (Mueller and Simmons, 1989).
These files must contain the full prerequisites (GT Score 110, 5 to 12 years active federal service (AFS), 4 years in the MOS, completion of BNCOC, etc.
Relationship between the successful completion of advanced coursework and knowledge of required prerequisites for the returning registered nurse in a baccalaureate program.
Access from a community college to a university used to be easy, but recent changes to the CSU and UC admission process and lower-division, major prerequisite requirements has created challenges that students must conquer to avoid adverse affects to their transfer progress.
There are additional capital costs associated with certain LEED prerequisites and credits; for example, some energy-efficient mechanical equipment, control and monitoring devices simply cost more.
Assessment is number one not only chronologically but as an essential prerequisite to the others.
I think we have to study (the proposed debt waiver) flexibly and in a forward-looking manner,'' Kiyoshi Teramoto said, but added that the consideration will come with prerequisites.
No catalog of civic virtues can be shown to be a prerequisite of academic excellence, a part of such excellence, or its product.
Many online courses are 100- and 200-level courses that act as prerequisites for more advanced courses, some of which are also offered online and others through traditional means.
The term "ministerial act" means a procedural or mechanical act that does not involve the exercise of judgment or discretion, and that occurs during the processing of a taxpayer's case after all prerequisites to the act, such as conferences and review by supervisors, have taken place.