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It was not difficult, however, to foretell the result, if any presage could be drawn from the feelings of those who crowded the place.
Reports were whispered about, like certain sounds which announce, as they whistle from wave to wave, the coming storm -- and when they pass athwart a multitude, presage an emeute.
The men, on their part, observed that the prince was proud and haughty, that he loved to look down those who fixed their eyes upon him too long or too earnestly, which gave presage of a master.
Then for a moment there was intense stillness, made horrible by a presage of what was to come.
which made the heart of Raoul beat, such griefs did it presage for her whom lately he loved so dearly; this terrible
And above all, the sign of the cross to that instrument was to us a great rejoicing, and as it were a certain presage of good.
As Mrs Varden distinctly heard, and was intended to hear, all that Miggs said, and as these words appeared to convey in metaphorical terms a presage or foreboding that she would at some early period droop beneath her trials and take an easy flight towards the stars, she immediately began to languish, and taking a volume of the Manual from a neighbouring table, leant her arm upon it as though she were Hope and that her Anchor.
The clouds, which had been threatening all day, spread out in a dense and sluggish mass of vapour, already yielded large drops of rain, and seemed to presage a violent thunder-storm, when Mr.
The program includes a revival of Massine's first symphonic ballet, the controversial Les Presages (1933), and a world premiere to Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique by Polish choreographer Krzysztof Pastor.
With good reason: Twenty-one of Merchant-Ivory's forty-six films concern India and the Indian diaspora, including documentaries such as Helen: Queen of the Nautch Girls (1973), a profile of a Bollywood dancer who appeared in more than five hundred films, and the docudrama The Courtesans of Bombay (1983), which presages such later looks at the Indian demimonde as Salaam Bombay
This simultaneous presence/absence, made more powerful by Dolma's disembodied voice, effectively presages a journey in which being and not being there rises to the surface.
vacating confirmation of CE's prepack plan, presages the rejection of many of these abuses.