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New Brunswickers are well served by our primary health care NPs who diagnose and prescribe for clients under their care.
British pharmacists "sponsored" by a physician can prescribe certain drugs.
For example, with the launch of Gaucho and Prescribe, we established an Internet site designed to provide information about each of the products and to serve as a reference for the companies offering each of the products on their seed.
The prescribing proposal builds on the success of the 2011 diabetes nurse prescribing project, extended last year, which enables specialist diabetes nurses to independently prescribe.
His doctor refused to prescribe a strong painkiller, giving him an antidepressant instead.
In 1999, legislative changes enabled designated prescribers to prescribe under regulations, and in 2001 regulations allowing nurse prescribing in child health and aged care were passed.
That's why patients should write down their questions and concerns before visiting their doctor and, during the visit, make notes on the doctor's diagnosis, the medications he prescribes and other directions.