prescribe punishment

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Enabling legislation was now required to be adopted to define torture and prescribe punishment for it.
Imran Khan said that the only way to counter this is for the Muslim Ummah to act in a concerted fashion and make sure that laws are passed in Western countries that prescribe punishment for those ridiculing religions or religious beliefs of Muslims.
One of the laws, he further explained, is a bill that seeking to prohibit and prescribe punishment for corruption and other related offences, giving the Anti-Corruption Commission the responsibility to investigation and prosecution of offenders.
CONDEMN - the English dictionary states: 1, To declare to be utterly reprehensible, wrong or evil; 2a, To prescribe punishment for, to sentence to death; 2b, To sentence, doom; 3, To declare unfit for use or consumption.
One of the proposals is to grade the age and prescribe punishments commensurate with the crime.
Some Egyptian legal specialists claim that Egyptian law does not prescribe punishments for political crimes, and hence an exceptional measure such as the treason law is necessary, while other legal experts doubt this, claiming that political corruption can be tried according to the normal Egyptian penal code, the daily reported.