prescribed form

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There was a short silence, apparently, while Mr Abel went through the prescribed form, and then the shaking of hands and shuffling of feet were renewed, and shortly afterwards there was a clinking of wine-glasses and a great talkativeness on the part of everybody.
Your son has probably neglected some prescribed form or attention in registering his cargo, and it is more than probable he will be set at liberty directly he has given the information required, whether touching the health of his crew, or the value of his freight.
Such physical offer should be submitted to Financial Markets Operations Department (email: Phone no: 022-22630982) in the prescribed form obtainable from RBI website (www.
The judge supported the argument but asked the High Court to rule on the point of law regarding the Prescribed Form and Manner of Statements Regulations 2011.
ISLAMABAD -- Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony asked aspiring devotees to submit their applications for the annual Urs of Hazrat Hafiz Abdullah Shah in Agra, India by June 12 at the newly prescribed form available on the ministrys official website.
The Institute's letter cautioned CRA and the Department of Finance against requiring all electing joint ventures to file a prescribed form with the government arguing the administrative burden would outweigh any compliance benefits.
Nominations must be received on the prescribed form (clearly marked for the attention of the corporate affairs manager) at 26 Chapter Street, London SW1P 4NP by noon on 13 January.
While SSRIs are among the most widely studied and prescribed form of antidepressants worldwide, it's still not entirely clear how they work.
A deed poll can be prepared using a prescribed form available from law stationers or by using a solicitor.
If the minimum required reporting elements and wording are not contained in the prescribed form, GAAS requires the auditor to reword the prescribed form of the report or attach an appropriately worded separate report.
Stella Dear Stella Generally, a business lease automatically continues after the expiry of the contractual period until it is brought to an end by either party serving a notice in a prescribed form.
A It is true but the procedure for insuring elsewhere (I take it your house is leasehold) is unfortunately complicated and you must notify your landlord in a prescribed form within 14 days of taking out alternative insurance.

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