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And they are afraid of what might happen if they prescribe opioids to the wrong people, for the wrong reasons, or in the wrong quantities.
To our surprise," they wrote in the February 1973 Annals of Internal Medicine, "instead of the primary issue being personality problems in the patient, in virtually every case it was found that the patient was not being adequately treated with analgesics and, further, the house staff for various reasons was hesitant to prescribe more.
He added that "many physicians fear sanctions against themselves if they prescribe the drugs more liberally.
Brady told the Journal of NIH Research that his two partners "changed their practice overnight and became reluctant to prescribe sufficient doses of painkillers.
A 1991 survey of 90 physicians reported in the Wisconsin Medical Journal found that most were concerned enough about regulatory scrutiny to prescribe lower doses, indicate smaller amounts, allow fewer refills, or select a different drug than they otherwise would have.
So I began looking at why physicians were reluctant to prescribe opioids in appropriate amounts, and I realized that the bottom line was that they were afraid of sanctions by regulatory agencies.
After five years of suffering, she found a physician willing to prescribe regular doses of codeine.