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Moreover, although each tolerated deviation undermines the prescript of Article 53, the Charter system remains fairly resilient.
Definition: The transformation prescript is a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) where
For example, managed care plans have been round to encourage physicians to prescript medications for treatment (which was considered less expensive treatment) instead of ordering further tests, and more costly treatments (Terry 1999).
Dr Varawalla was arrested when she returned to collect the prescript
The traditional prescript that those entering the higher administrative service should have a legal degree, a rule which had been relaxed during the Nazi period and the immediate postwar years, now came to be more strictly enforced.
The central prescript of our criminal law is that no person shall be convicted of crime otherwise than after a fair trial according to law.
Experts are reminding people w have a long-term health condition t is managed with regular prescript medicine not to forget to check make sure they have enough m ication to last in case the weather tu severe and getting to a chem becomes difficult.
It's puzzling that the decree cites Canon 1378 of the Code of Canon Law as its authority for the excommunication of a priest when he acts against the prescript of Canon 977, which states the absolution of an accomplice in a sin against the sixth commandment (adultery) is invalid except when in danger of death.
Gear mechanism lines effort by power intensity, which is prescript in tolerances during car running and followed construction nodes, ensure fulfil these conditions (Suriansky & Nascak 2000).
When Lake and Donne magnified the first sacrament's redemptive power and moral prescript, they were betting, in effect, that if the baptismal covenant's spiritual energies could be contained within the sanctuary, they might safely be put to the ecclesial uses of morality and piety.
Chinese) prescript their speakers quite frequently to express things in an indirect manner, which means they are unable to follow Grice's maxims.
What starts off in ostensible resignation transforms into sarcastic imperatives, which all but dare Philip to prescript, or re-script, Judith's mythical identity.