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In June 2010, the Marshalls filed suit and sought a court determination that they held a prescriptive easement to cross the Beach Lot.
AB756 Prescriptive Authority was introduced in November 1993 to authorize the Board of Nursing to certify advance practice nurses for independent prescriptive authority.
Crookston (1972) conceptualized academic advising as a form of teaching and described two styles of academic advising: developmental and prescriptive.
The current study combines several research areas by investigating the process of criterion choice for sex-typed jobs utilizing a prescriptive gender bias perspective.
The issue is whether to retain, modify or even abolish prescription generally, and prescriptive easements in particular.
With Waterford[TM], SuccessMaker[R], and NovaNET[R], you can integrate comprehensive reporting with standards-aligned, research-based prescriptive instruction, completing the cycle and supporting the needs for all students.
Its source is rather the program of prescriptive functional information and instruction coded in the genome of the zygote.
Their prescriptive approach tends to favour a "now we do this and next we'll do that-" formula that rarely works.
Rodante Marcoleta pressed on the need for COA to have a two-year prescriptive period in conducting its audits and in issuing a decision on cases.
Prescriptive Data, developers of the world's first operating system for the built environment, announced that it has appointed Sonu Panda as CEO.
Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) with prescriptive authority are authorized to issue prescription drug orders.
As companies look to tackle the complicated analytics environment in which they find themselves today, one popular framework for this process involves three distinct analytics stages: descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.