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In addition, the Emerson modeling for the CEC compliance program demonstrated an 8 to 10 percent reduction in the data center Time Dependent Valuation measure, compared to the water economizer prescriptive option.
I was a little worried that my credit card company seemed to know where I was, but overall I was pleased that the company seemed to use prescriptive analytics to serve me, the customer, better.
Sparkling Logic's prescriptive analytics and decision management platform is used by financial institutions to rapidly detect and manage risks and fraud, custom tailor product and service offerings, and optimize complex decision models in critical processes such as loan origination and claims adjudication.
Profitect leverages existing big data investments to identify, resolve, and measure opportunities for improvement by delivering Actionable Prescriptive Analytics to the right person, at the right time.
This was reflected in the comments made by forum participants who suggested that RNs involved with the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes could provide increased value to quality, timely patient care if they had prescriptive authority.
Her cutting-edge overview of the existing empirical literature on why human rights violations occur is useful and her prescriptive proposal deserves serious consideration.
Given a set of desired business outcomes and the predictive models as inputs, prescriptive analytics will recommend the decisions to be made in order to achieve the optimal results.
This goal could best be achieved by supporting both independent practice and full prescriptive authority for NPs.
The "scope of practice" compromise comes after years of disagreement between physicians and advanced practitioner nurses on how nurses' prescriptive authority should be tied to physicians.
Today, the scope of codes and standards includes energy efficiency, and the format for the presentation of requirements is generally considered prescriptive in nature.
In addition, the performance path will no longer lag behind the prescriptive path as in the past it was not possible to incorporate prescriptive changes that occurred near publication date into the performance path," he said.