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It was the job of sage-kings to determine conventionally correct language through prescriptively defining every single word in the lexicon and designating every thing in the world.
Authors who do demonstrate interest in the representative institutions prefer to write, often prescriptively, on general themes.
Prescriptively, this framework seeks to apportion control among the respective branches in a way that capitalizes on each branch's competencies while democratically promoting the public interest.
However, now that the method exists, the danger is that it is followed prescriptively without recourse to broader systemic enquiry.
This suggests that such an idea may be too prescriptively determinate to allow for a truly open learning process.
As such, the first chapter serves as a clear overview of debates in philosophy and a cogent explication of some of the obstacles that proponents of deliberative democracy must overcome if the theory is to fulfill its promise to present a descriptively and prescriptively illuminating account of contemporary democratic practices.
Thus, the law will take an unconscious accident victim to have hypothetically consented to a blood transfusion if doctors reasonably believed that she would have prescriptively consented to it had she been conscious and able to assess her situation, so as to give factual consent to the procedure under circumstances in which the law would afford her doctors' a full justification.
In addition, unlike Erasmus's Evangelical humanism, the Institution recognizes the merits of different cultures and of many men in a way that is not prescriptively Christian.
Choosing to stress "principles" instead of "steps" is consistent with the way advice is presented; at no point do the authors lead the reader to believe that they have discovered the way and that their approach needs to be followed prescriptively.
It's not easy to write prescriptively on language," Harbert said, "but I thought it did so very well.
Though single catalexes generally go unremarked, multiple catalexis will sometimes obtrude itself upon a critic's attention, in which case it will tend to be interpreted prescriptively as a departure from metricality.