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The purposiveness and prescriptiveness of institutional africology thus necessitate that information conservation, which unites both past and future in the continuous present, afford continental Africans and their planet wide descendants a sound knowledge base with which to organize their lives individually and collectively in the present, and thereby frame futures that are highly conducive to their global relevance in the future.
In addition, while there appears to be a broad-based and resolute belief in the principle of racial equality among South African adults, there is less of a consensus on specific redress policies, with opposition directly proportionate to the degree of prescriptiveness.
Yet when routed through objects less immediately acquiescent to poetry--as in Other, a discarded lavender soda cup lid with two straws tucked into its drinking hole like sweethearts nestled together; or an untitled duo of squashed beer cans in blue resin, a pair of streetwise perfect lovers that nods toward Jasper Johns and the clearer influence of Felix Gonzalez-Torres (along with Jim Hodges, Robert Gober, and others)--the artist's tendency toward sentimentality is less prone to prescriptiveness, and to the kind of mawkishness that can attend it.
Enhancing the prescriptiveness of the resource-based view through Porterian activity analysis.
Reynier brings to the fore the most combative and non-conformist side of an author who celebrates the marginal and impure as a means of defiance of the normative and constraining--a prescriptiveness which, in the context of the earlier decades of the twentieth century, is equivalent to notions of imperial supremacy, fascist dictatorship, or patriarchal tyranny.
The present findings suggest a middle theorisation between the extremes of the useful but very plastic flexibility of Schlossberg's model and the prescriptiveness of Super's stage theory.
The prescriptiveness of an EBP should not take precedence over or undermine clients' cultural values and community decision making.
For one thing the prescriptiveness of such terminologies surely has implications upon design practice more widely.
This control is not without a purpose, and it is evident in much of what they write about the ideal that Schmidt and Ludwig are less concerned with timeless human essences than with a very nineteenth-century moral prescriptiveness.
However, FEI observed that the length and level of prescriptiveness of the DD could detract from the usefulness of the guidance.
Positioning themselves as rebellious offspring, they rework the generational narrative to evacuate the moral prescriptiveness of the maternal.
In some, its prescriptiveness impedes the state's own approach to standards-based reform, as in Florida, where it mandates the restructuring of some schools that simultaneously earn honors grades from the state's own accountability system.