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Another proposal had been the suppression of the second part of the canon, whereby agreements would remain in force despite any contrary prescripts contained in the Code.
Yet, the processes towards development--and within this gender equity and women's empowerment--take place in the gendered spaces of social life, including economic and political sectors and cultural and religious prescripts.
Postscripts identify maturities and prescripts represent the time period in which the security originates.
For philosophers who left the prescripts of society, hell was associated with ignorance (or even ritualism) rather than with bad behavior and the neglect of ritual.
A man who derives from his own scrupulous fulfillment of religious prescripts a sense of superiority over others, because they are not as scrupulous, is called a Pharisee.
Government prescripts, Scott Chambers said, also complicate the required transition into digital television, the long-anticipated next wave in home entertainment programming.
The mid-20th century witnessed a resurgence of the cult of domesticity in their aftermath, its gender and family prescripts drawing new impetus from an economic affluence that was placing more Canadians in a position to achieve the long-standing male-breadwinner-family ideal.
Finally, the author argues that the intersection of market and family relations with academic and bureaucratic prescripts has contributed to the normalization and reconfiguration of a (hetero)sexed binarism, albeit one that is friable at the edges.
He was indifferent even to the prescripts of good writing: he wrote sometimes overpoweringly well, but always very carelessly; at times his style touches sublimity without ever having passed through the stage of being good.
They know that moral and ethnical prescripts grow out of communal living.
Shakespeare, however, was writing in a period before such biases had set in: before lexical regulation, before neoclassical prescripts, before scientific and philosophical attempts to make words exactly correspondent to things.