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While the primary cluster identified in this analysis was significant and showed a higher overall RR, the larger cluster from the first analysis, as a result of the lack of preselection bias, better represented the areas of increased risk for infection on the basis of the spatial distribution of HGE in the 12-town area.
CCTV monitors are provided on the two trucks working in the dry store and chiller, whilst automatic height preselection is a feature of the coldstore protected truck.
The preselection technology that will advance the future's construction of the perfect child already exists.
Another reason for the Medicaid-only population not being placed on the waiting list, the authors said, could include physician preselection.
The Campus (computer aided material preselection by uniform standards) Version 4 materials databank is available as a free download to qualified end users from the company at http://www.
We hope that a few of our students, with preselection by our faculty, will be able to take company class occasionally.
The technique of tracking the diffusion of ideas through databases need not involve the preselection of databases.
These include the preselection and selection processes; police academy, field officer, and inservice training; evaluations; community relations; and discipline procedures.
Additional information is provided on the key regulatory issues, noting the status of interconnection, local loop unbundling, number portability and carrier preselection.
In the preselection, we are looking for a partner that next delivery and maintenance is also willing to think about the use of presentation technology in education.
Un jury de preselection se chargera de retenir les spectacles en competition pour briguer les differents prix, a savoir le grand prix du festival, les prix de la meilleure realisation, du jury, de la meilleure scenographie, du meilleur manipulateur de marionnettes, du meilleur confectionneur de marionnettes et du meilleur texte.
Maintenant que la preselection est devenue un principe acquis, il est absurde de l'appliquer sur un nombre total de 20 films ou 22 ou meme 25.