present cause

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It was plain that some extraordinary grudge was working in Miss Brass's gentle breast, and that it was that which impelled her, without the smallest present cause, to rap the child with the blade of the knife, now on her hand, now on her head, and now on her back, as if she found it quite impossible to stand so close to her without administering a few slight knocks.
It is a deeply present cause and cannot be ignored.
This special issue, raised by Mr Hayes, requires a long response and debate to deal with a present cause of interest to both Muslims and Non-Muslims pertaining to the conflict between freedom of expression and desecration of religion.
Only one UK star seems to present cause for concern: his old friend Robbie Williams, who recently accused Elton of kidnapping him.
But Charles, the shining star in the last Welsh team to reach that stage way back in 1958, is all too aware of the crucial importance of Giggs to their present cause.
But MAFF said no press release was issued because the findings were in line with expectations and did not present cause for concern.
persons exposed to toxic chemicals emanating from the landfill have an increased risk of invisible genetic damage and a present cause of action for their injury, and may recover all "reasonably anticipated" consequential damages.
This decline was almost balanced by the good performances in Southern Europe, Morocco and Thailand with Turkey and India continuing to present cause for concern.
Emergency department physicians are hardly unaware of the dangers posed by overdosing on prescription medication, which at present causes more deaths than overdoses for heroin and cocaine combined.
The layout of the road at present causes more problems than it did before.
But purposefully seeking out some Mozartean traits that may or may not be present causes the piece to sound Viennese.
Lovins also says that a hydrogen economy based on renewable energy would reduce or eliminate most of the present causes of hydrogen emissions (from fossil fuel and biomass usage) and that hydrogen is more efficient than conventional fuels (less is needed to provide the same energy services).