present facts

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Exactly the same present fact would not call up the same memory if our past experience had been different.
I tried to stay calm, to smile and to present facts, but I decided to break my silence on the comment about Hitler," he said.
The manuals and reports present facts and analyze their limitations and application for average engineers in their everyday work; they are not standards, but neither are they introductions for non-engineers.
Mohamed Yousif Al-Degair, has called on the different media organs to abandon excitement, and to work for clearly present facts honestly and professionally, especially after the formation of the nation reconciliation government and the start for the implementation of the provisions of the national document unanimously agreed upon by the Sudan's people.
Fascinating and insightful, this guide will not only help travelers prepare for their trip but will also present facts and information on each historical site.
It will be a lot easier to present facts and figures reimposing death penalty for drug-related heinous crimes The whole point is we get a headway in the reimposition of the death penalty,' Umali said.
Rather than engage in revisionist history, the Library should base its decisions on sound judgment, taking actual history, present facts, and future research efforts into account.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif would present facts and truth in the Parliament regrading the baseless allegations being levelled by certain elements.
We need to search out and present facts in order to balance what is published with an anti-Israel bias all too often.
The difference between me and most politicians, or councillors - although there are some notable exceptions - is that I endeavour to present facts.
NNA - "Development and Liberation" parliamentary bloc member, Qassem Hashem, commented on the verdict of the Military Court in Samaha's case by saying that "smuggling the main witness is a weak point in this case for if he were present facts would have changed completely.
The task of today's reporter is both to present facts and analysis in a dispassionate manner, and also to use social media to engage with the readers and listeners and thereby become a part of the debate.