present facts

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We need to search out and present facts in order to balance what is published with an anti-Israel bias all too often.
The difference between me and most politicians, or councillors - although there are some notable exceptions - is that I endeavour to present facts.
NNA - "Development and Liberation" parliamentary bloc member, Qassem Hashem, commented on the verdict of the Military Court in Samaha's case by saying that "smuggling the main witness is a weak point in this case for if he were present facts would have changed completely.
The task of today's reporter is both to present facts and analysis in a dispassionate manner, and also to use social media to engage with the readers and listeners and thereby become a part of the debate.
In our considered opinion, the Supreme Court judgment in the Lalita Kumari case ( which mandates registration of FIR in certain cases) is not applicable in the present facts of the present case", the bench said.
The court further rebuffed the report and called on DIG and SSP to present facts over the case.
The present facts of the case pertain to an executive session during a council meeting, and a list of purported documents containing insurance and financial information of city workers.
It is easy sometimes to pick out the villains and heroes in some stories, but the books that truly challenge you and force you to think about morals and the lines in the sand are those who present facts and leave the evils for the reader to determine.
On the present facts the Court considered that issues of state aid were not engaged.
When they all met, the representative told the kids they would have to present facts and solid reasons to convince lawmakers that North Dakota needed the ladybug as the state insect.
Referring to parents who go public with their woes, she said: "Sometimes they don't present facts, compromising on any future help that may come our way .
These slide decks present facts, charts, data, and other information reflecting progress and challenges in improving education, as well as Department programs and initiatives that aim to close achievement gaps and foster equal educational opportunities.