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We've talked about the pros and cons of doing that and the presentability versus another and the pros and cons of the perception of those names.
Somehow they don't have to combine intelligence with youthful presentability.
Another is the presentability of all candidates within the region, whether or not the party's central campaign managers expect them to win.
These intimate spaces give small works such as Eugene Boudin's 1880 ``The Beach at Trouville'' better presentability.
For Somerfield retail employees, the ability to stand up under pressure when dealing with the odd difficult customer is a must, as are commitment, motivation, presentability and approachability.
Corey greets their presentability with great relief, and Bromfield expects Silas to be very entertaining .
Okrent fails to find in Sein und Zeit "the conceptual resources" for distinguishing between "'presence' in the sense of presentability and presence as the ground of presentability.
You should also assess the defendant's presentability.
Khalid Javed assured UNESCO and the Norwegian partners that Lok Virsa will do its best to maintain the cultural database in the high state of presentability hoping that this facility will not only go a long way in documenting and preserving the Pakistans traditional culture and in acquainting the younger generation about the cultural heritage but also in pooling up database of cultural assets from all over the country through all available sources.
These things, these fads come and go in waves, so perhaps the immediate relief will be a temporary breathing space, and diets will once again become the punishing cost of presentability.
There are people and things of such presentability that you want to hurt them.