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It has been pointed out to me by their leader Bryan Foley that his group have been painting and tidying up the site to make it more presentable, this is fantastic news and I feel they should be commended on their efforts to improve this important site.
It's marginally better at home, principally because every year about this time we have "Clean-up Australia" - a concerted effort over one week-end to make the country more presentable.
KUWAIT, Oct 29 (KUNA) -- A specialized committee at the Municipality Council agreed to a proposal to tear down Dasman Palace and have it rebuilt as a presentable headquarters for the nation's ruler, the committee chairman told reporters on Wednesday.
The call to ELIAMEP in the following years the Greek foreign policy not to be more degraded and not to lower their reputation with such researches on an example they alone say is not most presentable, Kostovska writes.
Tenders are invited for Preparation and making entries and printing the document in presentable shape / manner on computer In connection with Maintenance of Different Hort.
Registration at PS5 per adult, PS3 per child or entrants can accept the challenge to raise a minimum sponsorship of PS10, presentable to the charity on the day.
com)-- An innovative new product designed to insure that clothing looks presentable at all times, the Neck Collar Clip, has been developed by David Peters of Memphis, Tennessee.
One of the cleanest most presentable C-Stores in the area.
Vandalia Range & Armory offers quality customer service combined with a clean and presentable appearance that makes any visitor feel welcome the first time they step foot in the door or on the range.
PRICE: PS999,000 Over PS200,000 ALMONDBURY: THIS highly presentable and spacious three bedroom detached property enjoys a popular semi-rural, cul-de-sac position.
You, your spouse, or both of you will have to put some effort into making the garden presentable, which in itself means different things to different people, the critical element being time
Let us go back to our roots, and start to present ourselves in a more environmentally friendly yet presentable manner within our cultural setting.