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The programs look great, both fluid and natural, while playing on a fast Pentium II computer but will still play presentably on a 166-Mhz Pentium, said the company's Kevin Burmeister.
At this time I am driving a 1988 Mercury Grand Marquis (bought for $1,200) that has plenty of miles on it, but gets over 20 miles per gallon (I never buy new cars and only twice in my life have bought cars from dealerships so I have no car payments), and I dress presentably enough to be in a sales position.
They were exposed, often for the first time, to some of the basic requirements necessary to succeed, such as arriving on time, working with others, being polite, and dressing presentably.
We presentably estimate that this acquisition will have a dilutive effect on our results during the first three quarters of 2006.
Although the decor could be confidently described as No frills (note the capital N) the 11 tables were presentably set out, the orangey-yellow walls were warm and welcoming and the sounds of Indian music were just loud enough to hear.
It will instead be a hard-fought year in which the likeliest chance of regaining the White House lies with the selection of a presentably liberal Southerner.