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Early historians of the Civil War ignored flag presentation ceremonies held in the early months of the Confederacy with one notable exception--that indefatigable reader of local newspapers where these ceremonies are fully documented, Bell Irvin Wiley.
Ethos is the appeal to your presentation based on your character.
Leech also covers topics often overlooked in typical presentation how-to's.
While a presentation to middle managers may be 45 minutes or more because they need to understand the specifics of a proposal, the same presentation to upper management should include little detail and should rarely exceed 10 or 15 minutes.
For example, one presentation describes and shows the new technology of farming--including equipment, crop protection processes and biotechnology--all issues that people outside the agricultural industry rarely hear about.
Presentation of Designs: The seven teams will present their designs during a three-hour presentation on Dec.
present a speaker's award to Jan Hutson, ABB Flexible Automation, for his presentation on robotics in the foundry.
If you've ever sat through a "heavy-eyed" presentation (the kind when no bed time story is required to help you fall asleep), you'll appreciate how graphic imagery, moving pictures and sound can help keep your audience focused on your message.
Your boss asks you to make an important financial presentation to a group of potential shareholders who are not particularly adept at reading spreadsheets crammed with numbers.
There are proven ways to polish your presentation, spice up your speech and capture your audience's attention.
The projector offers SD Memory Card presentation functions including Auto Slide Show, which automatically shows the data from an SD Memory Card in succession; Capture, which captures and saves the displayed screen directly onto an SD Memory Card in JPEG file format; and Thumbnail Display, which provides an index-type display of all the images on an SD Memory Card, and allows the user to change the image sequence.