presentation of testimony

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And Presentation Of Testimony And Exhibits In Connection With Any Relevant Litigation,
Jurors did not seem as moved emotionally as they were during the prosecution's presentation of testimony from family and friends of the victims of the Jan.
The talk will focus on various aspects of the science of crime scene investigation including the collection and conservation of evidence, training police in the study of crime scenes and the presentation of testimony during trial.
Sharpened trial skills--what evidence to secure, the sequence and presentation of testimony, and the tools of persuasion--are fundamental to securing justice.
The course is designed to enhance the performance of attorneys, appraisers, and other expert witnesses in the delivery and presentation of testimony and arguments in a courtroom setting to obtain realistic court awards in eminent domain proceedings.
I have over the years watched the presentation of testimony before Congressional committees and am struck with how ineffective these have been.
The plaintiffs' presentation of testimony and exhibits at trial was equally artful.
In most instances this date is not significant to the presentation of testimony.
CFLP) completed its presentation of testimony in the breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract trial against defendants Iris Cantor, CFI (a company Iris Cantor controls), and Rod Fisher, the CFLP limited partners who engaged in covert and illegal competition in violation of the Cantor Fitzgerald Partnership Agreement.
staff will work with the consultant(s) in the preparation and presentation of testimony and exhibits.
The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure provide that courts may "for good cause shown in compelling circumstances and upon appropriate safeguards, permit presentation of testimony in open court by contemporaneous transmission from a different location.

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