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You have told me yourself, madame, that I have been drawn into a snare; I, perhaps, may leave my life in it--for, although it may be strange, I have for some time had a presentiment that I should shortly die.
Never, till then, had I placed any confidence in presentiments, but now I cannot help believing them, Valentine.
They called to mind, also, a long catalogue of foregone presentiments and predictions made at various times by the Delaware, and, in their superstitious credulity, began to consider him a veritable seer; without thinking how natural it was to predict danger, and how likely to have the prediction verified in the present instance, when various signs gave evidence of a lurking foe.
He remembered that during his epileptic fits, or rather immediately preceding them, he had always experienced a moment or two when his whole heart, and mind, and body seemed to wake up to vigour and light; when he became filled with joy and hope, and all his anxieties seemed to be swept away for ever; these moments were but presentiments, as it were, of the one final second (it was never more than a second) in which the fit came upon him.
The stoical soldier, the impassive man-at- arms, overcome by fear and sad presentiments, had yielded, for a few moments, to human weakness.
In the minds of both the passengers the blue flag appeared a sinister token, and this the moment for presentiments, but nevertheless they rose, gathered their things together, and climbed on deck.
No," replied the girl, "it would not be strange, of course; but for some inexplicable reason I have one of those foolish feminine presentiments that all is not right with Mr.
The best thing in the world," he observed drily, as he watched the wine being poured out, "for presentiments.
Presentiments are more closely connected than is generally supposed with a weak state of stomach.
Never be foolish enough to believe in presentiments again.
I am filled with presentiments which make this wicked life of mine one long terror to me.
Anne's presentiment proved more trustworthy than presentiments are apt to do.