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com/prnh/20130307/600769 ) The canned preserved market in Asia Pacific and Latin America is marked with aggressive competition by some major players.
Until now, 955 articles of evidence in violation of preservation laws have been gathered, which consist of 75 preserved wildlife or parts of their bodies, including 10 preserved Sumatran Tigers, 1 preserved young elephant, 5 preserved bear, 5 preserved leopards, 2 pieces of dried Sumatran tiger skin, 12 pieces of wet tiger skin, 28 tropical birds and others.
This property is an environmental treasure that will be preserved as open space,"BFI district manager Greg Loughnane said in a statement.
Because less tree canopy and open space were preserved under the conventional development scenario, this site would require an additional 27,000 cubic feet in storm water management, valued at $54,000 when compared to the conservation development site.
Until the mid-90s the situation was relatively simple: Electronic documents did not need to be retained, and electronic data could not be adequately preserved according to the prevailing standards.
Suffolk county's open space and farmland preservation programs have preserved a total of 27,500 acres since 1977.
We also found that many families inadequately sterilize equipment, conserve vegetables uncooked, fail to use pressure cookers, store vegetables for months to years, eat preserved vegetables uncooked, and, out of necessity, occasionally eat food that looks and smells spoiled.
These include varieties developed commercially which at some point were dropped by the seed trade and would have been lost had they not been preserved by such individuals or groups.
Parry and Frank Moore Cross, the present volume presents all the readings preserved on those fragments, assigns them a location in reconstructed columns of the text, and shows how these readings compare with the Masoretic Text and with Septuagintal readings and with the text of Josephus.
Millions of acres have been preserved in large landscapes and a significant amount of biodiversity has been protected that otherwise would have been lost to development.
For the preserved lemons, in a medium bowl, mix together the salt, sugar, lemongrass, chili pepper, kaffir lime leaf, and peppercorns.
The philosophy behind this clause is quite simply that it is far less expensive to keep a film safely preserved from the outset, and far more expensive after it has deteriorated.