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PRESIDENT. An officer of a company who is to direct the manner in which business is to be transacted. From the decision of the president there is an appeal to the body over which he presides.

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Various forms of federal tax compliance relief are available for individual taxpayers whose "main home" is located in a Presidentially declared disaster area.
In the closing years of the Carter administration, two presidentially appointed commissions lamented the flawed teaching of specific subject areas.
It will be managed by a presidentially appointed administrator and will be responsible for advising and providing direction to the executive branch on government-wide electronic initiatives.
New Labour, begging bowl now held out expectantly to the hawks of the American administration, is now the presidentially sinister face of Europe's New Right and surely has to be seen as such by any bar the most naive of voters and trades unionists?
Affected taxpayers, both business and non-business, in a presidentially declared disaster area have the option of claiming their casualty losses on the tax return for either the year of the disaster or the prior year," Lager said.
The grants require a 25 percent match from states and are limited to communities affected by a presidentially declared disaster between Jan.
Bills were introduced to give breaks to limo drivers, metal workers, restaurant employees, small-time farmers, pilots who fly to sparsely populated areas, whaling captains, unemployed radio DJs, people who employ golf caddies, casino owners, folks who live in a presidentially declared disaster area, and U.
Brooks explained that since the NCA is a presidentially appointed body, and the White House has the final say, there are limitations; but she emphasized that the White House has been advised of who the dance community would like to see appointed.
When the FOMC was given its current form in 1935, five Reserve Bank presidents were placed on that committee, but their presence was outweighed by the seven presidentially appointed members of the Board.
I anticipate new battlefronts in view of the diminishing dollars for the major contractors," says Smith, who as chairman of the presidentially appointed and congressionally mandated U.
The presidentially appointed Chief Counsel for Advocacy advances the views, concerns, and interests of small business before Congress, the White House, federal agencies, federal courts, and state policymakers.
Chaudhuri is the ninth presidentially appointed and Senate-Confirmed Chair for the Indian gaming regulatory agency.

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