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Kim Basinger crops up in a handful of scenes as the widow of Wurman's brother, who is trying to lure the drugged-up press agent out of the city.
Since the peace talks began, and especially once they ended (with, by the way, none of the usual congrats for the President), the coverage of Bosnia shifted from mass murders and raped women to "our boys," and Clinton is finding that the same press that served as cheerleader for the government and press agent for the U.
In this media-obsessed age, many now seem to regard a great diplomat as someone who is an outstanding press agent or a vigorous negotiator who can gain advantage for his government by extracting one-sided concessions from others.
To book Isaac Jacobson for a speaking event, please contact the press agent below.
Well I suppose I could let those shots of me doing an erotic fan dance with two copies of the Mirror "accidentally" fall into the wrong hands, and then get my press agent to leak the news.
10pm Burt Lancaster gives a fantastically sinister performance in this dark drama as a ruthless columnist manipulating Tony Curtis' ambitious press agent into breaking up his sister's romance with a jazz guitarist.
What could be Madonna's most personal lyrics yet created a buzz at the invite-only playback of the superstar's album by longtime press agent Liz Rosenberg Friday night at The Agency Group in New York.
When I heard that he was to be the British press agent on the last Lions tour of New Zealand, I forecast it would be a failure, and so it proved to be.
I realised it had happened for The Rascals last week when their press agent rang to ask if I'd like to request interview time with them.
After trying his luck in the Yukon, he became Press agent to Doctor Raymond, the hypnotist and magician, from whom he says he learned more about the show business than anyone else.
After being hired by a Broadway press agent, he moved to Hollywood after graduation, meeting and marrying his first wife, Lucille T Myers, the same year.
The band's press agent promises 'ecstatic melodies, sugar-spun choruses and infinite nuances'.