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s (1999) Korean data (175 quantitative surveys and 21 qualitative surveys) also demonstrated that the press agentry model is the most frequently practiced model in South Korea.
Kim and Hon (60) found that even if Korean public relations practitioners are still using the one-way models of press agentry and public information, they aspire to practice two-way, or professional, public relations models.
The public information model is similar to press agentry because it too is a one-way model that sees public relations only as the dissemination of information.
The press agentry model describes public relations actions whereby the practitioner disseminates information but that information may not be truthful.
But, in the case of MLB, Hannagan added grassroots initiatives to his press agentry efforts.
ABSTRACT: This study explored public relations practices and job satisfaction among Bulgarian public relations practitioners in the light of the four models of public relations: press agentry / publicity, public information, two-way asymmetrical, and two-way symmetrical in positive (real-life) and normative (ideal) settings.
railroad activities during the 19th century, included under the subsection Press Agentry
Although many scholars and practitioners intuitively embrace the notion of public relations as the management of organization-public relationships, most would still define the field by what it does: publicity, advertising, press agentry, public affairs, issues management, lobbying, investor relations, and development.
For example, the press agentry question, "The sole purpose of public relations is to get publicity for the organization" was reformulated as "In my organization, the sole purpose of public relations is to get publicity for the organization.
Sriramesh,(44) extends Grunig and Hunt's models of press agentry, public information, two-way asymmetrical and two-way symmetrical communication.
2) Historically, the practice of public relations has been grounded in a journalistic approach, and initially the field was concerned almost exclusively on generating publicity through the use of press agentry.
Noting that "the public relations discipline is repetitively trashed in the mass media," Brody added, "mass media representatives' perceptions of our discipline have been distorted over time by a parade of hacks, flacks, and assorted charlatans who have adopted 'public relations' as a prestigious synonym for press agentry or publicity.