press agentry

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Later on, Wu (2004) interviewed 7 Taiwanese public relations practitioners and provided more detailed information about media relations in Taiwan and argued that a combination of the press agentry and the personal influence model is the key for conducting successful public relations activities in Taiwan.
In summary, the press agentry model is the most frequently practiced public relations model in Taiwan.
Both press agentry and public information are one-way models of public relations: They describe communication programs that are not based on research and strategic planning.
32) The terms, "promoters, propagandists, and lobbyists," seem to describe the press agentry, two-way asymmetrical and personal influence models of public relations, respectively.
39) Lee had moved public relations away from the press agentry model in the late 1800s and pioneered the public information model, particularly in representing the Rockefeller family and the Standard Oil Company.
Most of these campaigns have relied on the press agentry or public-information models -- the difference being the extent to which information disseminated is misleading -- to gain press coverage and polish the image of the client.