press back

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Tenders are invited for laying of cc road at main press back side (east,south & west side) at govt.
We've come a long way at Gwynt y Ddraig since making our first few barrels of cider using an old cider press back in 2001.
The Secret Service then moved press back into the briefing room and locked the doors," it added.
Lockdown continues, although it doesn't appear as though there 's a high level of consternation among Secret Service walking outside," the pool report said, adding that the Secret Service had moved press back into the briefing room and locked the doors.
He is suitably modest about his cover of Moore's folk hit, telling Hot Press back in 2011; "Whenever we get the chance, I do a little version of Ride On, just a little wee nod, but I do it no justice.
Spread a teaspoon of pesto and a sprig of rosemary into the slits and press back together.
I tried to press back after my surgery and did good job but it was scuppered by a little calf tear just after the 2013 British trials.
But pro-life groups are rallying to press back against the idea that Ireland's staunchly Catholic culture could put the lives of pregnant women at risk.
ABN Newswire distributes corporate press in twelve languages, and can now deliver corporate press back onto the website of the disclosing company in multiple languages.
It was a case of Boro hanging in and trying to press back into the Scarborough half, but their half backs used the wind intelligently and cashed in on Boro's inability to effectively deal with the high ball or the low bouncing one.
Once you're about a fist height from the floor slowly press back up to the start position.
A leak was reported in the rear brake circuit which required Gachnang to press back hard on the brake.