press down

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If you can, cut a piece of thick card the same width as the top of the bowl and place on top along with a small weight to press down on the pudding.
After 5 minutes, I could not get my left heel to press down on the bicycle pedal.
Finally, remember that the forces pressing down upon libraries are the same as those that press down on almost all of the world's industries.
In case of a serious malfunction, such as a loss of mixhead pressure, the PLCs will shut the press down.
Press down lightly on the upper pieces to seal the two layers.
Fraud has been likened to a balloon, when you press down in one area it expands somewhere else.
Share between cases, press down and chill for 15mins.
Spoon into a 23cm (9ins) cake tin and press down firmly.
Press the mixture into the prepared cake tin and press down well.
Add the plums to the base of the rings and press down.
Take a piece of tin foil, place it over the dish and press down on the potatoes, leaving the foil on top.
Top with the rest of the oats and press down firmly.