press onward

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There will be dark moments, and you must be willing to press onward.
The government of Iraq has faced an existential crisis as Sunni militant groups capture major portions of the country and press onward to Baghdad, the capital.
Let's continue to work together to enhance our Joint partnerships and press onward to our bright future
This year proved to be a pivotal turning point in the movement for marriage equality and now we press onward with renewed vigor and public opinion squarely on our side," said HRC President Chad Griffin.
When their CamelBak hydration systems were depleted, the marines could resupply from GUSS and press onward.
And although the temptation may be to return to the old way of things or to simply preserve what we have left, God's word tells us to not be afraid nor discouraged, but to press onward.
Having achieved its main goal, it does not feel the need to press onward, so it presses sideways.
We must not stop at instrumental justifications for society, argues Hittinger, but should press onward to ask whether association offers any intrinsic good or perfection to the persons who engage in it (265-70).
We think our report highlights our members' efforts in all the areas and fully expect they will continue to press onward in the journey towards sustainability," said Frank Hurd, CARE chairman and CRI vice president.
As retailers, manufacturers and broadcasters press onward with HDTV, the satellite industry is also positioning itself for the age of digital television.