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Schools and examining boards have recognised the inevitable and instead of trying to ban their use they are changing the questions to ensure pupils have to think the problem through before they can start pressing buttons.
Starting from Au399, the touchscreen gadget can sync information with WebOS phones without the use of wires or even pressing buttons.
State-run television showed Putin wearing headphones in a cockpit, pressing buttons on a handheld control panel.
Performing the concerts requires players taking part in certain mini-games which all pretty much revolve around pressing buttons in time.
They can be seen by pressing buttons on ticket machines, but this can be timeconsuming and inconvenient, especially if there's a queue of people.
Whether they are pressing buttons to see the stages of growth or turning the crank to make the combine work, they will be entertained and educated.
All children like pressing buttons, pulling leavers and climbing and the Welsh Highland Heritage Railway in Porthmadog has made it easy for parents to allow their children to safely climb into the cab of a steam locomotive or sit at the controls of a shunting locomotive.
Today, children including my daughter who is only 3-years-old, are already pressing buttons on videos and other gadgets that I don't even understand.
I have been trying to get them for months but always end up, after an eternity, pressing buttons and speaking to someone in India.