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Secondly, and more pressingly, I desperately need Larry Grey to somehow father a male child.
well not pressingly relevant to the needs of the modern changing world, find job hunting a lengthy, depressing and often disappointing process.
More pressingly, just who are the idiots doing this and what can be done to stop them?
But the iron hand on our region is felt most pressingly today through globalized capitalism and the imposition of so-called Free Trade Agreements.
As 1820s spectral melodrama represented visibly and invisibly destructive forces beyond human control and interfering with reality, its ghosts offered themselves as performative tropes for a host of pressingly topical concerns.
The longer matches at Roland Garros may still help the Majorcan capture a record tenth French Open singles crown in the coming weeks, but even more pressingly than last year time is fast running out for Nadal to find his A-game.
On a practical level, identifying Nigeria as a creolising society may go some way to producing a change in how power is shared across the country--the insistence on federal character, which has led to the demand for state creation to the point of absurdity, may be diminished if Nigerians could increasingly see that the manifest ethnic identity of a minister does not directly benefit them, and in fact, very often, somebody ostensibly from your ethnic group has cross-cutting loyalties to other groups; more pressingly, their concerns could become more about where they actually live, than whether their ethnic group is perceived to be getting a share of the "national cake".
Most pressingly, donors have largely failed to fulfill their pledges," the UN official said.
We are therefore extremely proud to work with thousands of civilians worldwide on the front line, and also with influential decision makers who are working to find tangible solutions to one of the most pressingly important issues of our time.
To the last hour of the existence of several, who appeared to be conspicuous actors in this drama, they were pressingly importuned to make further confessions.
As Ellmann and Maddox reveal in their respective biographies, however, much of Joyce's time during the early years in Trieste was taken up with Nora Barnacle and with the issues that her presence posed: the nature of domestic life and, more pressingly, the importance of gender and sex in human experience.
This apes the couplets of the English country house poem that go all the way back to Jonson's Penshurst, but it also echoes what might have come between, the satires of Pope and Swift, and more pressingly for Wingfield, the return of mock epic and rhyming precision in her immediate precursors, Eliot and Auden and MacNeice.