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2] This occurs when magnets conglomerate in different segments of bowel with forces of up to 1 300 G, [1] causing pressure necrosis, perforation and/or fistula formation anywhere along the GIT.
Cholesteatomas are thought to erode bony structures through a combination of enzymatic activity and pressure necrosis.
Multiple ingested magnets can attract across adjacent loops of bowel and cause pressure necrosis and fistulation (7).
Removal of the omentum revealed an acute fistula where the magnets were and perforations caused by pressure necrosis.
Modern bandaging techniques which achieve sufficiently sustained high pressure to heal venous ulcers are more likely than conventional bandaging to cause pressure necrosis if they are inappropriately applied to patients with arterial disease [9].
However, certain key points must be kept in mind: (1) the wires should not be excessively tightened, or else they will push the bone fragments too much medially, and (2) the external fixator should not be kept in place for too long because it might cause pressure necrosis of the nasal dorsum skin.
Scrotal ulceration (5) is also common; this is due to pressure necrosis or frictional rub.
Stercoral perforation is defined as, "perforation of the bowel due to pressure necrosis from fecal masses.
The longstanding presence of a firmly impacted nasal foreign body may exert pressure on surrounding bone and erode it; erosion into the maxillary sinus and perforation of the palate by pressure necrosis have been described.