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The production of Al-Mg alloy/SiC metal matrix composites by pressureless infiltration.
In doing so, we shall also demonstrate the effect of doing the compaction as usually done in metallurgy: that is, cold compaction followed by pressureless sintering below the melting temperature.
This in turn explains the 96 [+ or -] 1% densification of bimodal SiC samples at 1950[degrees]C (Figure 11a), which is at least 100[degrees]C lower than most literature reports for pressureless sintering.
The determined sintering temperature of AlN and AlN composites in the SPS process is 150-200'C lower than the sintering temperature reported for nanosized AlN-based powders, sintered by conventional pressureless sintering [9].
The PakMore operates with a high-speed, low-maintenance process that uses pressureless Zero-Gap Infeed for smooth bottle laning, ensuring balanced lines and jam-resistant operation.
The valve is kept permanently open by a mechanical coupling and pneumatic actuator under pressureless system conditions.
In normal pressureless sintering, the heating rate was 3-4[degrees]C/minute and in case of microwave sintering the heating rate was 50-60[degrees]C/minute.
Pressureless steam generation, allowing greater consistency and more precise control.
Prosser can envisage not getting into the B&H or the English - or the PGA Championship - next season and so, contrary to his hopes of enjoying pressureless golf this summer, a certain urgency will be required.
Ever since Cleveland Range first introduced their popular pressureless Convection Steamer, steam cooking has been one of the most preferred ways to cook seafood, poultry, vegetables, rice, pasta and a host of other entrees and side dishes in every type of foodservice operation.
Another large piece of equipment is a pressureless steamer, which serves two purposes.