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While the demand of corn presumable influenced by: the price of corn in the country, the price of soybean, peanut price, the price of rice, per capita income, export corn, world corn prices, the price of flour and corn demand in the previous year.
It is just the notion that democracy should find means to peacefully coexist with factors gradually questioning its claim to represent people and its presumable commitment to the common good.
The automaker had been planning an all-aluminium body, helping reduce fuel consumption due to a lighter curb weight and presumable switch to a downsized engine for base packages.
Better yet, would you trust it enough to go in a foreign city -- a place you've never been to and presumable don't speak the language.
So I couldn't help but be dazzled by those presumable hookers and that guy with the luxury sedan.
He added that the presumable legal basis for the arrests, a recently adopted law making it possible to arrest suspects based on "reasonable doubt," is doubtful in itself and should not be abused.
Biological findings highlighted leukocytosis with polynucleosis, thrombocytosis, normocytic anemia, hypoalbuminemia and complex metabolic imbalance (metabolic acidosis with respiratory alkalosis), leading to the stage diagnosis of sepsis through enterocolitis in the context of a presumable Hirschsprung disease.
Another was a screen capture of a status posted by a female student, presumable about what kind of a boyfriend she would like: "He doesn't need to be perfect, he only needs to make you smile
The neocons presumable saw it as a win-win situation while invading Iraq and Afghanistan.
Plants used by Mexican traditional medicine with presumable sedative properties: an ethnobotanical approach.
affmitatem traxit inde obscenitas (the presumable sense of this fragmentary fable is given by E.
Given that almost half of the people in the United States have periodontitis and a majority of the patients from the clinic in Fresno are Denti-Cal recipients, it is presumable that there is a high prevalence of periodontal disease in the Hmong community.