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A study in Arizona showed that attending day care, and presumedly exposure to viruses and bacteria, might limit asthma (SN: 8/26/00, p.
Recently, Suarez-Morales and Walsh (2009) described two new, presumedly endemic, species of Eucylops from this arid region.
Cryptococcosis cases increased in Africa during 1947-1968, presumedly in association with the emergence of AIDS in the Congo River basin (2); however, no independent confirmation or laboratory data are available for this hypothesis.
This is not to say that Haddon had no mathematical agenda for this material, he was a great believer that 'ornamental designs could ostensibly be collected, like so many cultural fossils, and arranged in a chronological order of progression toward the presumedly universal goal of naturalism' (Connelly 1995:62).
Appeals to antiquity and to a presumedly pure, indigenous culture had long been part of the Japanese cultural discourse, but Bob Tadashi Wakabayashi claims that these kokutai conversations changed following the 1890 Imperial Rescript on Education.
Dr Tony Jewell, Wales' chief medical officer, added: "What we think is happening in Scotland and in schools in Birmingham is that cases are no longer related to travel, so presumedly it is in the community.
While addressing his readers in the second person, he allows for the possibility of a third-person interpretation, whereby the reader could see him or herself as an outside party who overhears a conversation between the cronista and the "leitora," who is presumedly only interested in passing the time in a frivolous manner.
Although summer-spawned bluefish presumedly dominated the catches of YOY across all habitats and temporal scales examined in our study, the recruitment success and contribution of these cohorts to year-class strength is unknown.
Furthermore, in the final sentences of O'Connor's stories, point of view tends to move imperceptibly from the limited and hence unreliable perceptions and feelings of her characters to the presumedly trustworthy assertions of an omniscient narrator, as is exemplified by the peremptory ending of "The Enduring Chill":