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the right to presumption of innocence," Andres said.
This event supports the notion of fair and public hearings and respect for the presumption of innocence, as specified in the Copenhagen Document, said Charles Bolland, OSCE Rule of Law Officer, noting that the seminar was in line with Tajikistans OSCE commitments.
I appeal to all of as a justice system to always and on any occasion stick to the presumption of innocence," he said.
Logically, when a conviction is shown to be unusual, the presumption of innocence should be reinstated as it were.
Our whole justice system is set up with the presumption of innocence.
Thomas added that it is a settlement without any conviction, the presumption of innocence is still valid.
David Bailey, President of Birmingham University and College Union, said: "Our members deplore these suspensions, which contravene the presumption of innocence and principles of natural justice, and call for them to be lifted.
The principle of presumption of innocence is indispensable to criminal justice system.
The presumption of innocence is a long-standing principle of our criminal justice system.
It endangers the fundamental rights of presumption of innocence and equal protection.
strengthen the presumption of innocence and the right to be present at trial; 2.
However, the Attorney-general said, there was a risk of causing someone to seem guilty, and that is something that could be used, if charged later, "as factors that act against their right to a fair trial and the presumption of innocence.