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Principle Tanvir-ul-Islam Girls High School Qenchi in her complaint alleged that some boys of Nishtar Town Dengue Squad enter the school whenever they want and forced the girls to stay outside in pretence of inspection of classrooms.
Pretence Caf and Wine Bar was opened on Whitchurch Road, Gabalfa, in March 2009 by Sue and her business partner, Alex Rose, of Pengam Green.
Pretence, Foretold and the two-year-old Divine Gift have been relocated, with the first-named pair joining Jonathan Sheppard in the United States and Divine Gift remaining in Newmarket, where he is now with Michael Jarvis.
These swords might well be thought of as replicas of the weapons used by the legendary samurai warriors - but there is no pretence about their potential.
in respect of religious life or beliefs; hence in general sense, dissimulation, pretence, sham.
The DJ and co-host then asked why Cowell went to the pretence of having an engagement if he did not plan to marry.
Staff at Pretence Cafe Bar, Whitchurch Road, Cardiff, and business owners along the Heath shopping precinct, have donated prizes.
Will some court contrive to find some pretence under the Charter for a ruling that a faithful Christian has no right to refuse a print order from an organization dedicated to destroying innocent human life?
But that did not fit the image so the pretence went on.
He says, 'In the great hand of God I stand; and thence / Against the undivulged pretence I fight / Of treasonous malice'.
MEN of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Ondo State Command, on Thursday, arrested three suspected criminals for obtaining under false pretence, illegal possession of counterfeit money and vandalism of transformer.
Was there a pretence of trust in the former Yugoslavia before people began to murder with impunity those who were once their neighbours.