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CATACLYSMIC events have a way of shattering our confidences, our pretenses, our delusions.
Where other pictorial languages have attempted to legitimize themselves through the mere formal "beauty" of the end result, through the lyricism of vision, or through the expression of a "freed subjectivity," Broto's painting is exempt of all rhetorical pretense and is full, at the same time, of an enormous symbolic force and of an extreme enunciative rigor--as much the fruit of his accumulated wealth of ideological questioning as of his structural dominion over the pictorial field.
As a long-time business owner and significant employer in the State of Illinois, we are deeply offended by the pretense of a public hearing held today before two members of the Illinois House Subcommittee on Business Organizations, Franchises and Consumer Satisfaction.
The rains that washed away all pretense of leadership in City Hall have given us 250,000 reminders of the steep cost of municipal neglect.
under the pretense of a united war against terrorism.
Indiana characterizes his book as "fact-based, but with no pretense to journalistic `objectivity,'" intending to make Cunanan "palpable to the reader as a person.
Through his bold enlargement of the image and sly pretense to literalness, Close squared off with a generation of Minimalists.
California is giving up the pretense of a representative democracy.
Friedman's twist, here and throughout, lies in the diminutive scale of most of his works, which are both precious and all the funnier for their lack of pretense.
Moreover, SVG & C&D entered a non-disclosure agreement in March of 1999, under the pretense of engaging in legitimate discussions of merger or other strategic partnership with C&D.
Rob DeBree of the Albany County Sheriff's Department said McKinney confessed that he and Henderson had lured Shepard from a bar on the pretense that they were gay.
In a misguided attempt to impress his girlfriend Vanessa (Kristy Swanson) and prove he's ready for adult responsibility, Sonny adopts a five-year-old boy (played by Cole and Dylan Sprouse, real-life identical twins), under the false pretense of being his biological father.