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When psychologists and biographers were wheeled on, then I'm afraid this became firmly locked in the chains of pretentiousness.
If he can channel his pretentiousness more construct ively, Wickett is a genuine star in the making.
Mere description doesn't do justice to O'Connell's intricate plotting, tortured characters, and acid commentary on the corruption and lunatic pretentiousness of the Manhattan art scene.
Titles such as Neon Genesis Evangelion are tortured enough, the band's claim to be "fascinated by shaping shadows" suggests laughable pretentiousness or they simply have nothing to say.
Director Spike Lee uses a lot of snazzy editing and flash camera techniques that add to the pretentiousness - too much style over too little substance.
STRIPPED of its pretentiousness and its arty camera-work, In A Land Of Plenty (BBC2) is basically just a posh soap.
Like all truly great stars, Heston simultaneously exudes self-assuredness and is willing to undercut his own pretentiousness.
It falls from profundity to pretentiousness and, lacking facts or insight, makes wild assumptions of our sympathies.
It falls from profundity to trippy pretentiousness and, lacking facts or insight, it makes wild assumptions of our sympathies.
Wednesday's character, generally and especially in this scene, mocks the idea of pretentiousness and defies the notion that she would ever need saving.
Ok, it's marketing but Yorkshire doesn't need any kind of pretentiousness.
Moliere PMS' fuses the three plays into a satirical comedy that pokes a searing look at the foibles and travails of theater artists divided and polarized by the ills of hypocrisy and pretentiousness.