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Eisemann stated during the presentation that pretexting occurs when an individual will call up a bank or financial institution company and attempt to bluff his or her way into obtaining confidential information by pretending to be a certain customer.
6) Pretexting is clearly not acceptable when it rises to the level of illegal activity, but its permissibility is unclear when the conduct is not criminal.
First, it will examine the many Rules of Professional Conduct potentially implicated by pretexting.
After study and discussion, ASIS leadership devised a position stating that ASIS supports the important work done by private investigators and urges California legislators to work closely with members of the private investigations community before passing a law to tally prohibiting the use of pretexting in investigations.
A federal law already has been enacted that prohibits pretexting to gain telephone information, such as cell phone records.
Allied did not admit the pretexting until Allied was subpoenaed by federal prosecutors.
More than 51 percent of participants do not have corporate policies that specifically address pretexting
The reality of the situation is that many companies don't know the boundaries between pretexting and legal investigative techniques, and consequently, do not know whether those leading the investigation are using the right techniques.
The fines were based on the amount of money made by the companies from their pretexting activities.
These issues/events have made it clear that pretexting is not just an issue of the actions within an organization, but also extends to those of business partners in areas such as sales, collections and market intelligence.
Perkins came to learn more about HP's use of pretexting.
Pretexting is a practice used by investigators wherein they fake the identity of someone to obtain their phone records.