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It was the prettiest game in the world and they enjoyed it like the children that they were.
You must tell him all the prettiest stories you know.
Well, then, come here, my dear," said D'Artagnan, establishing himself in an easy chair; "come, and let me tell you that you are the prettiest SOUBRETTE I ever saw
Andrea had not spoken without cause of the pretty rooms looking out upon the court of the Bell Tavern, which with its triple galleries like those of a theatre, with the jessamine and clematis twining round the light columns, forms one of the prettiest entrances to an inn that you can imagine.
She is the prettiest little creature in the world, with flaxen hair, blue eyes, -- at once saucy and languishing.
Seated on the grass, the child was almost hidden under an abundance of buds and blossoms, whence her rosy face peeped merrily out, and, as Cadmus said, was the prettiest of all the flowers.
You were the prettiest of playthings, the most fascinating of small romances .
I think yours is the prettiest farm on the estate, though; and do you know, Mrs.
I happened to pop upon Mehevi three or four times when he was romping--in a most undignified manner for a warrior king--with one of the prettiest little witches in the valley.
There were many pretty girls and the Rostov girls were among the prettiest.
I must own that we found it far prettier than anything we had known in Southern Ohio, which we were so fond of and so loath to leave, and as I look back it still seems to me one of the prettiest little places I have ever known, with its white wooden houses, glimmering in the dark of its elms and maples, and their silent gardens beside each, and the silent, grass- bordered, sandy streets between them.
It will be done in time, and the dress likewise, so look your prettiest, and accept my blessing," continued Polly, seeing that Fan liked her raillery.