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Her prettiness was still visible in the darkness; she was opening and closing her enormous fan.
The reason of the prettiness is a kind of harmony between the little house and its surroundings.
That my neighbour is intelligent is at once made evident by the bright alertness of her eyes--eyes that nothing escapes, and that only gain in prettiness by being used to some good purpose.
Nay, sure, madam," answered Sophia, "one can't suspect after what he hath done;--besides, if your ladyship observed him, there was an elegance in his discourse, a delicacy, a prettiness of expression that, that "
It was the extraordinary prettiness of the baby that prompted the more feminine term.
Collapsing pagodas and exploding boats in an almost biblical cartoon that veers wildly from peacock prettiness to crude 3D slapstick.
As adult insects, the 2,000 or so named species in the ant lion family, the Myrmeleontidae, have mouths and often a touch of the nature-calendar prettiness of damselflies, with long, lacy wings.
Employed with a media house in Dubai, she wanted to know that if it was really true, that prettiness wasn't a criterion, why have so many job interviewers told her she was too fat/too chubby and that her face would look too big on TV to be a presenter.
The Northern Lights are amazing - not least because they have all the prettiness of fireworks with none of the clatter.
The leaves, in golds and pinks, bold reds and rusty browns, create a panorama of prettiness.
Then it's on to Apia in Western Samoa, with islands of picture-postcard prettiness, sandy beaches and rugged mountain peaks.